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For fast and inexpensive monitoring of DEHA (0.05 – 1.0 mg/l DEHA).

Article description Item number Packaging
DEHA 31-072300 Hinged lid box
DEHA NA 31-072301 Refill pack

Variant Material Dimension
Hinged lid box Plastic box 103 x 91 x 36 mm
Refill pack (NA) Plastic bag

Please note that the color displayed on the screen or in the printout may differ from the original. Use the card enclosed with the product. If you do not have an original color card, we will be happy to send you a new color card.

Color Value Color Value Color Value
Color value DEHA 0.05 0,05 Color value DEHA 0.1 0,1 Color value DEHA 0.25 0,25
Color value DEHA 0.5 0,5 Color value DEHA 0.75 0,75 Color value DEHA 1.0 1,0

All data in mg/l DEHA

Value Unit Remark
Number of provisions 100
Duration of the analysis 5 min
Number of reagents 2 Piece Ferrozine
Contents of reagent A 15 ml
Contents of reagent B 15 ml

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Hinged lid box, Refill pack


Indikator für DEHA: