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SYCON 2502 in housing (110/230 VAC)

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The SYCON 2502 is the ideal analyzer for limit value monitoring of water softening systems. It enables demand-controlled regeneration triggering and monitoring of condensate return for your boiler house. The limit value of the SYCON 2502 analyzer is determined by the indicator used and checked at fixed time intervals. If the limit value is exceeded, a signal is sent to the control unit.

  • Monitoring of a limit value
  • Residual hardness, total hardness or carbonate hardness (acid capacity)
  • Indicator deficiency alarm / BOB functionality
  • LED status display
  • language-neutral
  • Automatic interval operation. Interval time adjustable via microswitch.
  • Interval interruption by external switch outside the operating times
  • Connections:
    • 3 potential-free outputs:
      • Limit value exceeded
      • Device fault
      • Analysis active (e.g.: cooling water valve of a sample cooler)
    • Input for potential-free contact for external analysis triggering or pausing of the internal analysis interval

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