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Limit value device for measuring water hardness. Parameters: Total hardness

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The Limes hardness monitoring devices enable cost-effective monitoring of reverse osmosis systems with reliable chemical analysis.

  • Reliable and accurate monitoring of water hardness using a laboratory-calibrated indicator.
  • Monitoring of a defined limit value determined by the LHV indicator used.
  • No delayed response behavior compared to a swelling resin sensor.
  • No calibration and no drift effects compared to an electrode measurement.
  • No wear or regeneration of the sensor necessary.
  • Separate connection cables for power supply, relay and input contact.
  • Status display with four LEDs for limit value compliance, analysis status, device status and pending service.

Product information LIMESPLUS

  • LED status display
  • language-neutral
  • First value suppression to prevent false alarms
  • Flushing duration adjustable to the supply line length
  • Automatic interval operation: limit value control of the system at adjustable intervals of 10, 20 or 30 minutes
  • Connections:
    • 2 potential-free outputs:
      • Limit value exceeded
      • Device fault
    • Input contact for potential-free switch
      • External analysis start
      • Pausing the internal interval using a flow switch
  • Diagnostic program for testing the assemblies

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