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TÜV-certified limit value device for measuring water hardness. Parameters: Total hardness (H25-0.05 & H25-0.1)

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The SYCON BoB is an online analyzer for monitoring soft water for operation without constant supervision for safe operation for 72 hours (BOB 72 hours). The additional relay contacts make it possible to control an external cooling water valve for a sample cooler. The device status can be connected to remote maintenance via the existing RS-485 interface with Modbus RTU protocol.

Product information SYCON BoB

      • TÜV certified in accordance with VdTÜV data sheet BP WAUE 0100 for operation without constant supervision for safe operation for 72 hours (BOB 72 hours)
      • Use in large-capacity water boilers with saline, low-salt or salt-free operation with a limit value of 0.01 mmol/l or 0.05 °dH according to EN12953-10 (indicator H25-0.1)
      • Use in circulation boilers with a limit value of 0.005 mmol/l or 0.03 °dH according to EN12952-12 (indicator H25-0.05)
      • Monitoring of boiler feed water, boiler water or condensate return
      • Level monitoring of the indicator by means of a level probe
      • Graphic display, menu navigation in German, English, Italian, French, Spanish, Russian, Polish, Dutch and Danish.
      • Simple commissioning using the installation wizard
      • Documentation of all measurement results on an SD card
      • Low maintenance thanks to peristaltic pump technology and flushing the measuring cell with line pressure
      • Self-calibrating against ambient light, contamination and turbidity of the water sample
      • Reliable thanks to self-diagnosis and plausibility monitoring of sensor data during analysis
      • Maintenance-free full color sensor
      • Connections:
        • 4 potential-free outputs:
          • Limit value exceeded
          • Limit value exceeded / limit value not reached / indicator level low
          • Device fault
          • Analysis active / cooling water valve / indicator level low
        • Current interface configurable as 0 – 20mA or 4 -20mA for measured value output or status message
        • Input for potential-free contact for external analysis triggering, water meter for volume interval or pausing the internal analysis interval
        • Input for remote rest via external control
        • Modbus RTU for querying the measured values and device parameters via a PLC

Technical data

Parameters Value / Range
Power supply 85 … 265 VAC at 47 … 440 Hz
Power consumption 25 VA (peak)
Protection class I
Protection class IP 54
Ambient temperature 10 … 45 °C
Sample water temperature 5 … 40 °C
Sample connection Hose 6mm
Dimensions (W x L x D) 274 x 275 x 130 mm
Weight 3.8 kg
Operating pressure 0,5 .. 5 bar
Indicators H25-0,05
Durability indicator 24 months

Approved according to VdTÜV data sheet BP WAUE 0100

We manufacture our indicators ourselves. Only high-quality raw materials are used and each production batch is checked in our laboratory for the specified limit value.

Indicator Item number Limit value
Single bottle Value pack °dH mmol/l Boiler type Standard
H25-0,05 32-084125 32-484125 0,03 0,005 Circulation tank EN12952-12
H25-0,1 32-084135 32-484135 0,05 0,01 Large-capacity water boiler EN12953-10

We also offer accessories for our appliances for easy installation and maintenance

Designation Item number Description
SYCON connection set 33-000701 For connecting a SYCON analyzer to a sample line with 1/2″ or 1/4″

  • Reducing nipple 1/2″ to 1/4″
  • Stainless steel ball valve 1/4″ to 6mm plastic hose for shutting off, e.g. during maintenance
  • 5m plastic hose suitable for SYCON inlet and outlet
Pressure reducer with filter incl. Pressure gauge for SYCON 33-090738 Recommended for inlet pressure above 2 bar

  • Control range 0 -4 bar
  • Inlet pressure up to 13 bar
  • Integrated pressure gauge
  • including filter with 20 µm pore size
SYCON Clean cleaning set 30-010900 Cleaning set for measuring combs

  • Storage box
  • Instructions
  • Gloves
  • Brushes
  • Funnel
  • FIT3000 cleaning fluid (1000 ml)
FIT3000 cleaning fluid 32-089100 Cleaner for measuring chambers (1000 ml)
Maintenance set SYCON 2702- 2802 / FE / BOB 33-030025 Spare parts set for SYCON 2702 – 2802 / FE / BOB

  • O-rings
  • Peristaltic pump cassette
  • Indicator hoses

Additional information

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Dimensions 0,0000 × 0,0000 × 0,0000 cm

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